Spring Break 2011: Cooking & Crafting

Two of my favorite hobbies are coming together this week. With nothing to worry about except completing my visa application, I have plenty of time to devote to adding to my family members’ waistlines and creating adorable (and, quite honestly, somewhat useless) things. And it’s only Day 2 of SB.

On Day 1, I made the beautiful combination that is Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies.

My parents looked on in confusion and amazement as I prepared these. But with the first taste of these, all doubts about these cookies’ awesomeness were erased. My younger sister came home and wondered, “Why are those so big?” Well, baby sister, it’s because they are packed with wonder and magic. Go on, indulge.

Earlier today I decided to make myself a new headband because, lo and behold, I managed to forget to bring one! My short hair can barely stay in an elastic, so headbands are a lifesaver.

This splendid accessory is currently keeping my too-long bangs out of my face, and even though those will shortly (get it?) be trimmed, I know this headband will become an essential part of my hair accessory army, of which bobby pins are the foot soldiers.

Plus, it was super easy to make! Bought 1/4th of a yard of fabric from my favorite store on the planet, then cut 6 one-inch wide strips from it. Did two braids with those (secured the ends with fabric glues), glued and sewed the cut hairtie between the ends of the two pieces and then glued on a cover piece to hide the stitches and ragged ends.

If you’re going to make this headband, it’s important to remember that the pattern doesn’t matter. Really, it doesn’t. Focus on the colors.

I like this fabric, I really do, but I chose it for its colors. I love purple, the blue tones are gorgeous and the lighter pink colors kept the color scheme from being too dark. I may actually go buy more of this fabric to make this lovely dress later.

Clipping the three strips of fabric as shown helps keep this project simple. You can just start braiding, and it’s easy to keep the braids tight. Don’t worry about keeping the strips pattern-side up — the lighter side adds even more variation for the finished product.

Confession time: I am impatient. Really, really impatient. So I was excited to discover that a dab of fabric glue dries quickly and solidly holds everything together. I just squeezed a bit onto whatever I was securing together, clipped it and let it sit for just a minute. I decided to make sure the two braids and elastic stayed together by sewing all three together…and I may have broken a needle in the process. Ah, the sacrifices we make.

But once I took a bit of extra cloth and wrapped it around the two meeting points, all it took was some more fabric glue and voila! An adorable headband that might retail in some places for $20. Total cost of the supplies? About $3. Can you say “winning”?

My plans for later this week incldue: a friendship-bracelet necklace, cinnamon brown sugar cupcakes and a metal/embroidery-floss bracelet. If you have any ideas for Cooking & Crafting 2011, let me know!


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