Spring Break 2011: Cupcakes and Sewing

Spring Break 2011: Cooking and Crafting Week continues! As a follow up to the last post, I wanted to share my own idea for any leftover strips from the braided headband. Basically, just make another braid long enough for your hand to slip through when the ends are joined. Use some fabric glue to join the two ends together and you’ve got yourself a matching accessory set!

Now, I’m going to share my absolute favorite cupcake recipe — and chocolate isn’t even an ingredient. This recipe is actually for cinnamon brown sugar cupcakes, and it is spectacular.

The sifted cake flour, baking powder and salt

It’s important to make sure the cake flour is sifted before being measuered, and that the cake flour, baking powder and salt are then sifted together, because it helps keep the batter light. You don’t want dense cupcakes, do you? No, dear reader, you do not.

I put the icing on while the cupcakes are still a bit warm, so it can melt and become almost glaze-like

My mom taught me how to use our sewing machine on Tuesday and — after much procrastination and laziness (it is spring break, after all) — I have a new dress on Thursday. This tutorial to make the dress is amazing, especially if you aren’t experienced with sewing. All you need is a tank top or tee, a few yards of fabric and a sewing machine to make an adorable (and affordable) dress!

This old tee was in a toss-out pile, but was salvaged for my practice dress

The sash, cut from extra fabric, is tied to hide where the tee meets the fabric










Thank you to my little sister, aka Honeybunches, for modeling the dress.

In my last post I mentioned a friendship-bracelet necklace. I really have been making it, but it’s slow going and I, unfortunately, get easily distracted from working on it. So I’ve included a sneak peek below of what promises to be a very cute necklace for spring/summer.

I spooled the embroidery thread around bobby pins to keep everything tangle-free

To make the necklace thicker than it would be with just embroidery thread, I’m actually tying the thread over a long, clear band. Whenever I reach my desired length, I can just cut this band and tie the two ends of thread together — if I tied the ends of the band, the knot would be too thick for my liking. I’ll probably make this necklace long enough to loop around two or three times.

As for the metal/embroidery floss bracelet, I’m still trying to find a metal bracelet that will work and is cheap.
If you have any ideas where I could find such a bracelet, let me know in the comments!



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