Cardiff is for Whovians

One of my favorite trips during my summer abroad was to Wales.

You read that right — Wales.

Often forgotten by or sometimes even unknown to Americans, Wales was actually at the top of my list of places to visit. Why? To be completely honest, mainly because of Doctor Who and one of its spinoff series, Torchwood. In fact, The Doctor Who Experience will be permanently displayed in Cardiff, the capital of Wales.

Our first stop was Cardiff. Although London is a huge city, Cardiff seemed to be more spread out. This was likely due to the lack of a metro system (oh how I miss the Tube…). The bay area used to be the more run-down part of town, but in recent years, the city has worked hard at revamping it into a great entertainment district. The bay itself is beautiful. Plus, the Torchwood 3 offices were near the base of the water tower in Roald Dahl Plass!

I was hoping to explore this area on foot; unfortunately, the tour guide had the bus driver drop us off in the more touristy part of town (think chain stores and restaurants). The one thing I really enjoyed about that area was the Central Market, where my friend and I decided to try these funny-looking desserts called welsh cakes.

The best way to describe welsh cakes is a cookie/scone hybrid. Try this recipe from the BBC (although I would substitute chocolate chips for the currants).

Make some welsh cakes to enjoy later this week while reading “The Case of the Castle Crusaders.”


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