Accidental stalking of the Queen

Windsor Castle

Flag was up -- the Queen was home!

Holyrood Palac

I visited literally two days after the Queen left

Dublin Castle

The Queen was the first English monarch to visit an independent Ireland

Buckingham Palace

I lounged in the backyard of Buckingham Palace...seriously.

I visited all of the above locations while studying abroad this summer. And while all of those locations attract numerous visitors, my timing seemed eerily coincendental.

Four of us visited Windsor Castle during a day trip. Sure enough, Her Majesty was home. We pondered what she might be doing all day, since she’s really just a figurehead for the UK. Did she sit up in a tower, looking down at all the tourists scrambling about her property? Was she teaching her adorable corgis to fetch her slippers? Alas, we may never know.

My friend and I arrived in Edinburgh with very little knowledge of what we should actually go see. Luckily, we were with a travel group, which included a bus tour when we first arrived. As luck would have it, the Queen had left Holyrood Palace the day before — and it was opening for visitors the very next day! This was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. As we walked among the rooms, we couldn’t help but be overcome with awe as we were struck with the knowledge that the Queen had walked on the same carpet and up the same stairs just two days before.

The inner courtyard at Holyrood

The tents from Her Majesty's summer garden party were still up at Holyrood

A mere month before my trip to Dublin, the Queen visited. This was the first time she had ever visited — even her father (you know, the one from The King’s Speech) never went to Ireland! But because of the significant impact English rule had over Ireland before its independence, Dublin Castle had plenty of reminders of that past relationship, including a gigantic throne made for late English monarch “Georgie Porgie.”

This huge seat was really great at accomodating Queen Victoria's hoop skirts!

Last but not least, Buckingham Palace. The Queen doesn’t really reside here though, since it’s more a place of business. But, yet again, the Queen had been present just a week or so before I toured the place. And, like at Dublin Castle and Holyrood Palace, I was able to stand in the exact spot she did while looking at the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress.

The Queen named a horse Daniel. I'm usually not one to judge, but really?

And that is how I kinda sorta stalked the Queen of England.


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