Glastonbury 2011 Part 1

I had been at my internship for less than a week when my supervisor asked if I’d like to go to Glastonbury Music Festival to help out. He and a colleague at the Kingston Environment Centre were the coordinators for the Green Futures Field and were going to set up a radio system in the same tent as the Tadpole Stage. I had never heard of Glastonbury, but it sounded like a good opportunity — plus, free concerts are the best.

As the festival drew near, I realized just how big a deal it was. The workers in London in charge of my study abroad program couldn’t believe I had been handed a ticket to one of the most anticipated events of the year. I didn’t even have to to buy a tent or sleeping bag, thanks to the folks from KGR.

I arrived at 2 a.m. while a misting rain was coming down and the ground was either completely soaked or straight mud. For that first night, I slept in the Green Police section. I crawled into a tent at 3 a.m. and woke up a few hours later to rain tap-tapping on the tent.

Green Futures Field Crew Camping

After waiting around for half the day and enjoying the people-watching opportunities, I was lead to the complete other side of the festival, where I was shown my tent (which had very kindly already been set up).

Tadpole Stage


I met the radio crew I would be working with and set out with three people (two of whom were 13 and under) to do some interviews. One of the kids, a spirited girl named Jemima, was all business. She was going to ask the questions she wanted to ask and that was that. The other, Stuart, was a chatterbox in general.

The third person was Alex, who came from a family of jugglers. He, his brother Simon and his mom Susie were some of my favorite people at the festival.

They introduced me to their friend Zaz, a clown. Meeting Zaz was a big deal, because, quite frankly, I find clowns to be rather terrifying. Luckily, Zaz was out of his makeup and costume when we did meet.

Zaz worked as a clown in the Kids’ Field, which I quickly determined to be the most magical part of the entire festival. If I were a child, I would never leave.


Kids' Field Castle

As Zaz, Alex, Simon and I were chatting behind one of the tents, Rastamouse, a popular children’s TV character, appeared. Apparently this cartoon rodent is a huge deal, since photographers from the BBC were taking photographs of him and I saw dozens of people with Rastamouse stickers and other memorabilia at the festival.

Now that you know most of the characters for this adventure, tune in next week for concerts, long-lost family, late nights and family dinners!


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