Happy birthday, Cupcake Club!

In the fall of 2010, my friend Bryden Gibbens and I were running late for class. I went to her room and opened the door, only to catch her red-handed with a cupcake in her mouth.

“My mom gave them to me, I just couldn’t resist!” she explained.

As we went to class, we were discussing our great love for these tiny baked goods when inspiration struck.

“Let’s start a club!” I said.

We schemed for the rest of the walk, talking about all the possibilities. We decided to ask our professor, Julie Melnyk, if she would want to be our club adviser. She happily accepted, and I set out to make everything official.

I went to the ORG website and figured out how to apply for a new club. I even got to write a constitution for our new organization! Once Cupcake Club was approved, I began planning meetings.

That first semester, the meetings were rather small. After all, we were brand new and didn’t have our first meeting until the middle of the semester. Second semester, Cupcake Club exploded with members.

For the first meeting of the semester, I was running a bit late because of journalism things when I received a frantic call from Brynden asking me to hurry up. When I arrived, she met me in the hall and told me to brace myself. I walked into our meeting room to find it was filled completely. Every seat was taken and people were lining the walls in small clusters waiting for the meeting to begin.

And so began Cupcake Club’s large member base and popularity.

Why so popular, you ask? Well, Cupcake Club was the first organization on the Mizzou campus for cooking of any kind. Also, cupcakes are downright delicious.

Today, we have 70 members. Earlier this semester, we had our first bake sale, raising nearly $200 for the Central Missouri Humane Society. We plan to have another bake sale next semester, with one new addition — pre-orders for faculty and staff. Keep an eye out for more information!


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