After returning to the States from my study abroad experience in London, my boss from the radio station I worked for was chatting with me on Facebook when he mentioned that he would love it if I could continue to contribute somehow. He had said as much while I was still in London, but, because it seemed like that summer would never end, we didn’t make any definite arrangements.

Once classes started up again, however, I decided that to continue producing an hour-long radio show each week I would need a co-host. I asked my good friend, Nicole, if she would be interested. The high-pitched squeak of happiness that followed secured her spot as co-host. I explained that the station was all about green living and the environment, so our show needed to somehow incorporate those ideas. We chose the name Amerigreen (America + green) and set to work figuring out how the shows would work.

So here it is — a behind-the-scenes look at Amerigreen:

With our hectic student schedules, Nicole and I must coordinate a time each week to record the show, which usually happens to be on a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon.

When we meet for the show, we quickly go through ideas for talking points. Some of these have been trial and error, while others are just things we enjoy. For instance, we discovered segments about American politics and the environment are very popular, although we talk about ecofriendly cooking and crafting because those are two hobbies we enjoy.

While figuring out talking points, I put together a playlist for the show. Sometimes I’ll try to match the music to the talking points — like when Nicole talked about canning and I played “Sunshine in a Jar” by The Lucksmiths — and the rest of the time I just put together whatever catches my fancy that day.

After prepping, Nicole and I check out two Marantz recorders and search for a quiet place to record. When possible, we use the technology testing center or even the studio in RJI. Most times, however, we end up sitting on the floor of the convergence equipment closet.

We divide the show up into bite-size pieces while recording. Meaning, we welcome everyone to the show and begin talking about a specific topic. Then we cut to a music break and come back to a new topic. That new topic might be a spinoff of the earlier talk, or it could be something completely unrelated. We do this back and forth of talking and music for about 30 minutes, ending with a reminder to like us on Facebook (search for Amerigreen Radio Show) and letting everyone know they can follow us on Twitter.

Nicole is in charge of social media. She posts the links to our shows on our Facebook page, coming up with little blurbs to accompany them. I, on the other hand, take the raw audio and cut it up, inserting our little jingle at the beginning and end. I also go through and add whatever songs we selected for that show, saving the entire thing as a .wav file. I then upload it to and send the link to the station supervisor.


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