Down Time

Stress. We all experience it and cope with it in our own way. Generally, I don’t get too stressed — I lead a rather chill life. But when something big gets to me, I have to try to take my mind off it and reclaim my zen, at least for a little while.

Usually my go-to for relaxing is Netflix or Hulu, but for real stress my mind has to be engaged. So I turn to doing something creative — crafting, drawing, whatever. Lately though, I’ve been hooked on Adobe Illustrator. I took a class (General Art 1400, I think) here at Mizzou to improve my skills, which opened my eyes to more than just the infographics I was making for journalism classes.

I made this little golf-playing snowman in my one-hour Illustrator class

This was done about two weeks after my class

Oh, did I mention I like red foxes?


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