Building websites, no experience necessary

I would highly recommend students at the Missouri School of Journalism to take J4502 – Multimedia Planning and Design. More and more, employers are looking for reporters with as many skills as possible. And although most of my peers use Photoshop to edit their pictures for Facebook or can edit a basic video package, most seem terrified when someone mentions coding.

Before this semester began, all I knew was the tiniest bit of HTML, like how to put an image on a page and how to make a line break in text. Now that classes are done, I’m happy to say that I consider myself advanced with XHTML, HTML5, CSS and CSS3. I even have some basic understanding of jQuery and Javascript, as well as responsive design using just HTML and CSS.

Take a look at the progression of my work this semester.

This was my first page using HTML & CSS

This is the homepage for a Citizen Jane Film Festival 2011 site

This is one of two examples of a site for the Sports Journalism Institute

This is the second example for the SJI

The website for my final project

If J4502 doesn’t fit your schedule, consider taking intro to web development (IS_LT 4360). It’s online and teaches you the same basic skills as J4502, just without the focus on news content.


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