Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!

For my final spring semester at the University of Missouri, I decided to embark upon a quest outside my comfort zone — floral design class. Although I enjoy crafting and other design adventures, I cringe in fear at the very mention of plants or gardening. While this may purely be an instinctive abhorrence of even the possibility of weeding, it has extended into an avoidance of foliage of any kind.

But enough is enough. I had to face my fears. And thus, the adventure begins.

Before we began handling flowers, we had to learn a very basic technique: how to cut the stems. Luckily, we practiced on celery, something I’m familiar with. And since our instructor carefully explained how to hold the knife while cutting, I knew I needn’t worry about getting stitches or even a Band-aid.


Finally, it was time to handle the flowers. To start the semester, we all started an experiment to see how flowers hold up in water versus preservative.

Red Alstroemeria accented with white daisy mums

So far, all of the flowers are still looking good.

Stay tuned this spring for weekly updates about my latest victories in floral design!


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