Thorns & Roses

By now, I feel fairly comfortable wielding my florist knife against the armies of flowers and greenery lined up each Monday and Wednesday afternoon on the counters of room 39. After spending last Friday savagely (but safely) cutting through handfuls of leather in Tiger Garden, I can cut the few necessary stems in class quickly and cleanly, without hesitation.

Unfortunately, this week presented a new challenge: roses. With thorns.

On Monday, we each collected our basic greenery of leather and lemon leaf, as well as our filler flower, limonium. Finally, three roses. We were to complete a triple-rose arrangement, so that the roses formed a triangle. Easy enough, right?

Wrong. Those blasted thorns had to be dealt with first. So I grabbed an innocent-looking, brightly-colored, flower-shaped…thing. And proceeded to harshly rip the thorns from the stems, while my hand was safely protected.

Below, my victory.

Triple Rose

On the second day of class this week, we disassembled our earlier work to create an even larger arrangement. We added carnations — the kittens of all flowers. These things couldn’t scare someone even if they tried. With the other combatants already defeated, I knew I’d won this battle.



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