Going haywire

Monday’s floral design class was cancelled. Why? It was the day before Valentine’s Day and our professor runs Tiger Garden, which needed all hands on deck to complete everything for the busiest day of the year.

On Wednesday, we all had to bring in our own container — whether it be a soup can or a coffee mug — so I opted for a Heidelberg cup. After collecting leather and mums, we got a soaked block of floral foam, which we had to cut to fit our container. We packed our mums in so they formed a half-sphere, with no spots between the flowers so all the foam beneath was hidden.

The exciting part of this class was that we had new materials to experiment with. Pipe cleaners and colorful wire were available to twist into whatever our hearts desired. Ribbons of various colors was also provided, although I’ll admit I’ve developed a healthy apprehension of those tricksters.

I chose to use two shades of purple wire and red wire to add some pizzazz to my arrangement. With the purple, I wrapped one end around a skinny marker a couple times to get some nice springs to sprinkle throughout. Still in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I used the red wire to make two coils which I put together to form a heart.


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