Geometry for floral arrangements

I thought I had finished with geometry in ninth grade. Unfortunately, I seem to have been mistaken. This week our arrangements started to get bigger, with a variety of shapes.

First up, lines. We had to create a tall arrangement with the focus at the bottom. If the focus was at the top, then the balance would have been off and the whole thing would look like it could topple at any moment.

We had some new materials for this arrangement, including snap dragons and eucalyptus. If you’re like me, then the mere mention of the latter brings to mind images of fluffy koalas munching away. But it’s also useful for relaxing, thanks to a very strong but quite soothing scent.

Since we’re moving quickly through this course, Wednesday’s class afforded a bit more freedom in a few key choices. First up, the shape of our arrangement. Would we choose a right angle? An obtuse triangle? An inverted T-shape?

Keeping my dislike of triangles in mind (they’re just a weird shape), I settled on the right angle. I also figured that the right angle would be the narrowest option, which was a necessary consideration since I drove the arrangement to Memphis, Tenn. in my tiny car the next day.

The Asiatic lillies were a fun addition to the materials from Monday’s line arrangement, which we had disassembled to reuse the flowers and greenery.

We had three or four other new materials to choose from. However, using all of our available materials would have clashed quite a bit, both in texture and in color, while also making the arrangement cluttered and disjointed.

I used all of the materials from my line arrangement, although I only used one snap dragon instead of three, and then only added three of the new materials.


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