Symmetry and sensibility

This week, I very nearly admitted defeat. Neither of the arrangements this week was attractive, in my opinion. Perhaps with different materials they could have been pleasant to look at. Unfortunately, even the examples, both from our textbooks and by our professor, just were not good looking.

On Monday, we created a triangle arrangement. The flowers and greenery were all familiar, except for one lovely addition — delphinium, one of the only naturally blue flowers available.

Having seen some of the work done by that morning’s class, I knew the only saving grace for the design would be the colors. Since I usually gravitate toward cool colors — purples, blues, etc. — I made a decision to pick some more vibrant, warm colors. So, armed with red carnations, light pink mini carnations and white mums, I set to work.

Combined with the blue delphinium, my arrangement became a bit patriotic.

We reused our materials for Wednesday’s class, with the option to add spider mums, to create an oval-shaped arrangement. This design, I will admit, has been my least favorite of the entire semester — it’s just a very odd shape for an arrangement.

I chose to add white spider mums and take out the white button mums. One challenge for the design was that we could only use two spider mums. A general rule to follow in floral arranging is to use odd numbers of flowers, so that the eye cannotĀ  subconsciously divide the arrangement. I believe I succeeded in making the final presentation look as good as it could, although I still dislike the shape (an oval with a point — like a raindrop).


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