Vase Arrangements feat. Asiatic Lilies

This week marks the end of Floral Design 1. Luckily, Floral Design 2 starts next week! That’s right, dear reader, you’ve got several more weeks of flowers to see.

It seems we’ve been using foam quite a bit the last few weeks in our arrangements. While I admit I was initially a bit worried about how I would get on with foam, I have found it is quite lovely to work with. You have such good control over the flowers and greenery, since once you’ve stuck them in a spot, they aren’t likely to budge.

Monday’s class, however, suddenly went back to vases. I, along with many of my classmates, at first struggled to remember how to keep control of our flowers with no solid base to hold them. Adding to the challenge, our professor gave us no clues as to how to design our arrangement.So, armed with some very citrus-colored flowers (orange Asiatic lilies and gerbera daisies with yellow button mums), I set to work. First thing’s first: creating a “grid” with greenery. Doing so helps stabilize the flowers when you put them in the vase. After arranging several bits of leather and lemon leaf, I decided to place the gerbera daisies.

The problem with this bright, popular flower is that the stem isn’t very strong, so they often have trouble staying put in vase arrangements. To skirt the issue, I decided to use a stalk of button mums, with their nice thick, strong stem, as a crutch for each gerbera daisy. This little trick worked out beautifully, I’m pleased to report.

After that, it was a simple matter of placing my lilies in the open spots and placing a few of the leftover mums here and there. I looped two pieces of lily grass to add a modern twist to the arrangement.

For our final design onWednesday, we could create basically anything our little hearts desired. While I could have easily chosen to do an arrangement using foam, I decided to take a leap of faith and try my hand at yet another vase arrangement.

Instead of gerbera daisies, we got carnations to go with our Asiatic lilies, as well as some daisy mums and limonium. I based the shape of the carnations off the half-dozen rose arrangement (the second picture from my Thorns & Roses post), then added the lilies to the bottom to strengthen the focal point.

As I mentioned, Floral Design 2 begins next week. It’s finally time for the training wheels to come off for good.


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