Every Rose has its Thorn

Floral Design 2 began on Monday with quite a big bang — the classic dozen-rose arrangement! A big part of this class is pricing items out, and this arrangement would sell for $75. But to make sure the customer feels like they’re getting their money’s worth, you have to make the design as big and beautiful as possible!

Guess how tall the arrangement in the picture below is. Go ahead, guess.


25 inches. This arrangement is more than two feet tall!

If you compare it to the arrangement below, it certainly seems to be the more expensive of the two…


But this smaller arrangement is only about $5 less than the first!

“It’s so SMALL though,” you might say.

True, but the flowers and greenery are the same. The labor and time spent making the arrangement is the same. The materials (knives, preservative, Green Glow) are the same. The only real differences are the vase and about 15 inches in height.

If that seems too steep, try getting different flowers. Mums and gerbera daisies are just as lovely, but much cheaper, after all!


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