Landscape vs. Vegetative Arrangements

Before we begin making the different arrangements each week, we look at examples in our floral design textbooks. This week’s designs were a landscape arrangement and a vegetative design. But when we looked at the example pictures, they looked EXACTLY THE SAME.

Fortunately, our professor is brilliant and explained in very simple terms the difference between the two (something our books didn’t accomplish):

The materials in landscape arrangements represent other things (mountains, paths, trees, etc). The materials in vegetative arrangements are themselves, as they would appear in an overgrown, unattended garden.

The above picture shows my landscape arrangement. The tall green things on the left (Bells of Ireland) represent clouds, while the tall green stalk and purple flowers (Gladiolas) on the right represent mountains (okay, so they’re really skinny mountains — use your imagination) and the purple flowers in the middle (Delphinium) represent trees. The various plants along the bottom represent different plants, like bushes and hedges.

The above picture is my vegetative design. These arrangements should basically look like you went out to an abandoned house’s untended garden and cut part of it out to put in a bowl. Things aren’t grouped together, symmetry is open and the materials don’t have to be perfect. Browning leaves and droopy flowers fit right in with this design.


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