Most of our designs up to now have been relatively basic in their shape. Lines, domes and even triangles and tear-drops. All of these are very self-contained and obviously balanced. But this week’s designs threw us a curve ball, pun intended. Our first design was a crescent shape, although I like to think of it as a giant C for Crockett. We could use eucalyptus, Aspidistra leaves and lily grass to create our curved shape, and solidago, delphinium and birds of paradise for the focal point of the arrangement.


I have to admit, I was ridiculously excited to work with birds of paradise. I’ve seen pictures of them before and never thought they were particularly pretty, but seeing them in real life…I kid you not, as silly as it sounds, I was basically starstruck by these flowers.

The giant curve was difficult to achieve. Although the Aspidistra leaves are naturally curved, they aren’t perfect. You really have to work the stem into behaving. Eucalyptus are very flexible and hold shape pretty well, so I used those on both sides of the Aspidistra to hold it in the right position.

The second design of the week as an S-shaped arrangement, featuring the same materials as the crescent with the addition of carnations, snapdragons and a bird of paradise leaf. That leaf was the smartest decision I made with this arrangement. It was very pliable, while also holding its shape really well. The finicky Aspidistra leaf was therefore demoted to the bottom curve.


The carnations (and a snapdragon on the bottom) help lead from the focal point into the curves. This arrangement was a bit harder, because we had to balance the dish on the edge of a table. Thank goodness this is a one-sided arrangement — there was no way any of us could have made the back look very nice! My method for covering the floral foam in the back? Sticking random bits of greenery wherever I could, until everything was covered! It’s like a jungle of teeny tiny eucalyptus, pin-downed Aspidistra leaves and other random leaves.


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