Bookcase to Hutch

In my quest for furniture for my then-future apartment, my mother graciously offered up several pieces from my parents’ home. Most were fine as they were, but one…well, it just needed some love.

Below is basically a before picture of an old nappy-holder-turned-bookcase. All I had done thus far was take off the doors (notice the holes) and a wee bit of paint.

To get the paint off, we applied paint stripper very generously. Whenever you handle paint stripper, be sure to wear gloves and shoes. This stuff HURTS if it comes in contact with your skin. Heck, this stuff stung even if it just got on my gloves! But it was efficient and cut down the time of this project considerably.

After scrapping and stripping and scrapping and stripping, we finally got down to the original wood. I patched the holes from the doors with some wood putty, then sanded this bad boy down.

We painted the outside with a nice teal color (Sea Glass, I believe it was called), then stained it so the color wasn’t too distracting.

We then painted the inside with a sort of golden yellow. I decided not to stain the inside, since I didn’t want it to be too dark once I put a back on the hutch.

Here’s the almost-final piece in my apartment. Once things were added to the inside, I was glad I didn’t stain it, since it would’ve ended up looking too dark. Notice I haven’t put a backing on it yet, but I will soon. I need to pick a fabric that I’m going to just stretch across the back and staple in place. I’ll use that same fabric for pillows and/or curtains in my living room.


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