Wall Art: Fox Silhouette Cutout


1 Old picture frame
1 Old, unused cardboard box (optional)
3 Pieces of scrapbook paper
1 Black poster board
1 X-Acto knife
1 Paintbrush
1 Old newspaper


1. Take out the glass and backing from the frame. If the backing is missing (like mine was), cut a piece of cardboard from the box to use instead. Spread out some newspaper and place the frame on it. Paint one coat of paint and let dry.

2. Find a silhouette shape you like. Copy it onto the back of the black poster board with a pencil (I taped a sheet of computer paper to my computer screen so I could trace the silhouette, then cut it out). Use your X-Acto knife to cut out the silhouette from the poster board, and place face down.

3. Cut strips of varying width from the scrapbook paper. Place the strips along the silhouette cutout in whatever pattern you like. Tape them down.

4. Place the glass, your new artwork and the backing into the frame. Hang and enjoy!


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